Servers are Machines
Websites Require

Servers are Machines Powered by Automation
Referred to as Artificial Intelligence (AI)™

If you own a Website it is on a Server regardless if you use a Shared Hosting Package, a Virtual Private Server, a Dedicated Server or your own Server.

Servers are Machines that require software to work. The Software for a Server is created by Computer Programmers that "Write Code" so the Server can function.

APACHE SERVER - The Apache HTTP Server Project Maintains an open-source HTTP server for modern operating systems including UNIX and Windows. The Apache HTTP Server is a project of The Apache Software Foundation.

The code required to run a Server (a machine) is different from the Code allowing a Website to interact with a Server. This requires programming of a different nature.

Website Designers use HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, MySQL and PHP as known standards in the Computer Industry to have a Website that effectively interacts with a Server.

In addition professional Website Designers adhere to the W3 (world wide web consortium) Guidelines as the reconized Internet authority.

A Server can be programmed by DSI Global Computer Services™ to interact with your "Website Visitors in Real Time". To provide Help and Assistance for your Website Visitors and your business 24 Hours online.

"The Future of Technology is Here"

Websites Created with
DSI Robotic Artificial
Intelligence (AI)™™

Creating a website is one thing. Creating a website powered by DSI Robotic Artificial Intelligence (AI)™™ is entirely another.

That is what we do at DSI.

"Artificial Intelligence (AI)"

DSI Robotic Artificial
 Intelligence (AI)™

Websites that are super powered by DSI Robotic Artificial Intelligence (AI)™ provide reliable "24 Hour Real Time Help and Assistance" for all of your Website Visitors.

That your "Website Visitors" are never left alone by themselves. Can you imagine going into a store and no one was there... you would shop elsewhere.

Being left alone with a large amount of information can be an “Overwhelming Experience” for anyone to read and understand. This has the tendency to result in Website Visitors leaving your website and searching elsewhere.

It is best for a Website Visitor to have a “Real Person” to assist them… Which you are provided as an option to do so.

When ever anybody visits "Your Website"… You are automatically and immediately notified via your Mobile, Tablet or Desktop device.

Upon being notified… You or a member of your companies staff can talk with and communicate directly with your visitors via the Internet.

If you are away (unavailable) to talk with your Website Visitors.

Your Website with live DSI Robotic Artificial Intelligence (AI)™ takes over and provides "24 Hour Automated Help and Assistance"… For all your Website Visitors.

That is what we do at DSI. We design “One of a Kind” Custom Created Websites that are “Super Powered” by DSI Robotic Artificial Intelligence (AI)™.

If you have not done so already... DSI Global Computer Services™ will provide you with a Free Website Consultation. Click Here to request yours now.

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Discover how "Advanced Scientific Computer Technology" is currently utilized throughout the world. The future of Websites Designed with Robotic Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here... Learn more about (AI).

SOURCE OF INFORMATION: Wikipedia - Artificial intelligence (AI)

(AI) Pictorial Presentation

"The Art of Website Design"

Regarding the Art of Website Design

SInce 2000 "We Do it Right"

Our primary focus is creating a Website that works for our clients. To meet and or exceed our clients expectations. That's our job and we do it right.

There is more envolved than just technology in creating a Website that works. It's a creative process from the initial design, to what is to be said and how the Website looks. How the Website looks is equally important to the technology required.

Website Design requires creativity that people refer to as a "God Given Talent". From Commercial Artwork, writing the Verbiage (writer content), obtaining Pictures, creating Special Effects, Animation, Video and more.

Website Mechanical Design (creative process) includes the Navigation System, Search Engine Optimization, Key Word Stratagem, the usage of Meta Tags, Tool Tips, Internal Links, Outbound Links, Geographical Location Targeting and more.

Once the above is achieved... Our staff addresses what the Website is to actually do for our clients. This is when "Website Functionality" is implemented. Our Staff will add technological features that help and assist our clients in the real world.

DSI Global Computer Service™™ Designs, Creates and Publishes "One of a Kind" Websites for our Clients that work effectively.

DSI Clients truly benefit from our Website Design Services. Click on the button below and learn more about what our DSI Clients have to say!

"Think About Your Business"


Your Website Represents
Your Business

"First Impressions Matter"

It is important that a Website makes a "Good First Impression" for anyone that is searching for a Product or Service that your business provides. How your business Website looks to the general public is extremely important.

Secondly and of equal importance is that your Website can be found in the Search Engines by the General Public. To be found when people are searching online for Products or Services your company provides.

That your company obtain new clients.

Once you have a Website that looks great, can be found in the Search Engines and works... Your companies focus should be on Driving Internet Traffic to your Website.

This is accomplished by designing, creating and implementing a "Sound Business Plan" for your Website. That your business have a Website Marketing Strategy.

Dependent on the type of business you own will determine your Websites Marketing Strategy to include Social Networking, E-mail Champaign, Internet Advertising and more. Promoting your Website on the Internet is important.

Your Websites Marketing Strategy must meet and or exceed your business goals and objectives. Your investment in your Website must be cost effective. 

Simply put, DSI Global Computer Services™ creates "One of a Kind"  Websites that work for our clients and with the results generated... We are cost effective.

Click on the button below to request a Free Website Consultation for your business. There is No Cost or Obligation to have DSI Global Computer Services™ consult you regarding your Website goals and objectives.

"DSI Website Functionality"


DSI Website Functionality
Important Information

"DSI Website Features Overview"

Please take a moment to review what our DSI Website has to offer. We can do the same thing for your companies Website.

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