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DSI Global
Website Media Design

A Division of DSI Global Computer Services™

    DSI Global Computer Services™ provides Website Media Design and Technical Assistance to Law Firms, Insurance Groups, Engineering Inspection Firms, Construction Industry, Law Enforcement Officers, Teachers and more.

    DSI (diametric scientific intelligence) specializes in "State of the Art" custom created Website Media Design with Advanced Real Time Database Interactivity™. We work with our clients in the United States of America and worldwide internationally.

    Since 2000 "We do it all right".

    "DSI Clients Websites in the News"

    About DSI Global
    Website Media Design

    A Division of DSI Global Computer Services™

    DSI Global Computer Services™ designs, creates and publishes Websites to the Internet that meet and exceed our clients expectations... We do it right.

    We create Websites for our clients to be used as Media for the News, Television Commercials, Radio Promotions, Print Advertising and more.

    Our website design services are cost effective, utilize the latest technoligy and most important they work for our clients.

    DSI Global Computer Services™ will provide you with a 100% Free No Cost or Obligation Consultation regarding your Website.

    "DSI Staff Requirments"

    DSI Staff Requirements

    DSI Global Computer Services™ is an
    Equal Opportunity Employer

    DSI requires Website Designers commisioned to work on a project for us to have at a minimum CompTIA A+ Certification. To have prior "Hands on Experience" working on computer hardware and software programming issues successfully.

    CompTIA A+ Certification is recognized by the United States Department of Defense. Required by armed forces personal assigned to Computer Information Technology duties in the United States and abroad.

    CompTIA A+ Certification is required by Dell, Intel and Lenovo Service Technicians as a standard in the Computer Industry. That the Computer Technician meet the ComTIA A+ standard recognized worldwide.

    CompTIA A+ Certification establishes the technician is qualified to work as a Computer Information Technoligy Support Technician, Support Administrator, Support Specialist, Technical Support Specialist and Field Service Technician.

    Computer hardware and software experience is required to create a Website that generates income for our clients and meets or exceeds our clients objectives.

    Please take the time to learn more by visiting

    "We Do it Right"

    "DSI Services Presentation"

    DSI Services Presentation

    DSI Website Media Design, Creation & Implementation

    DSI Designed, Created and Published to the Internet over "500,000 Website Pages" successfully for our clients. As follows are the primary services we provide.

    Click on a picture below to learn more... To see an overview of our Services DSI provides Click Here. For additional information Contact us by Clicking Here

    "DSI Services Overview"

    DSI Services Overview

    DSI is Effective, We Do it Right and it Works
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    |   Television, Radio and Print

    DSI designs and creates websites that work in conjunction with Television Commercials, Radio Promotions, Print Advertising and more.

    |   Database Driven Websites

    Our "Database Driven" websites are designed for any type of Sales Champaign, Marketing and or Lead Generation using the latest technologies.

    |   100% Responsive Websites

    Regardless of the digital device your website visitors use (mobile phone, tablet or desktop) your website will automatically adapt to what your visitors are using.

    |   Major Search Engine Optimization

    DSI specializes in "Search Engine Optimization" for all Major Search Engines and a multitude of Minor Search Engines. It is important to get the word out.

    |   Telephone Ready Call Centers

    Our websites are designed for "Telemarketing Call Centers" for inbound and or outbound calls. From one person to a hundread  working the phones.

    |   Text Message Website

    Your website visitors can send your website a "Text Message" right from the digital device they are using. Simple, fast and convenient. It's great!

    |   Directly E-mail Visitors

    When anybody visits your website and contacts you they will automatically be sent a custom E-mail "Designed Specifically" for you and or your business.

    |  Chat with your Visitors

    You can "Chat Live" with your visitors directly plus a lot more. It's great! You're immediately notified when anyone visits you website. Chat with us now!

    |   Profit by Website Advertising

    From Social Networking to E-mail Campaigns and a whole lot more... "Website
    Advertising" works for promoting you and or your business on the web!

    |   Websites by Geo Location

    DSI custom designs your website to "Target Specific Geographical Locations". 
    Websites can appear locally by City, State, the USA and or worldwide.

    |   Video, Music and Sound

    DSI designs and creates Video, Music and Sound for websites that will help you
    get the point across. Wow! Effective "Video's, Music and Sound" for websites.

    |   Robotic Artificial Intelligence

    Creating a website is one thing. Creating a website powered by "Robotic Artificial Intelligence" is entirely another. That is what we do at DSI.

    "DSI Clients Have to Say"

    DSI Global Website Media Design Client Reviews

    A Division of DSI Global Computer Services™

    References available upon request. For additional information please contact DSI Global Computer Services™ by Clicking Here

    • “DSI has published 95 Websites for our law firm nationwide. It was cost effective, affordable and it worked. We still use them, they are great.”

      Attorney Law Firm
    • "DSI came up with a cost effective solution allowing us to have over 2,800 Websites by location. They are simply amazing."

      Insurance Group
    • "Trust is important when it comes to technology. I trust DSI for all of our technological needs. They do the job right."

      Aircraft Induustry
    • "When DSI got started I gave them their first job 16 years ago. I only had one Website and was pleased with their work."

      Police Benevolent Association
    • “I was very demanding and truly impressed with DSI. We needed to make sure that everything was correct. They got the job done.”

      Engineering Inspections
    • “Our job is to help High School Students achieve College Sports Scholarships. DSI got us started. They did a great job.”

      College Athletic Scholarships
    • "I first used DSI 8 years ago and still continue to use them today. Their staff is extremely creative and get's the job done in a friendly manor."

      Recovery Help and Assistance
    • "As a general contractor I have corporate accounts. My Website needed a new look that worked. DSI surpassed my expectations."

      General Contractor
    • "When I have a computer problem I contact DSI. They do more then Websites and truly understand my needs. I recommend them."

      Law Enforcement Officer
    • "As a school teacher I needed private tutoring in computer technology. DSI provided everything I needed and more."

      School Teacher
    • "DSI got me in the top 10 in every major search engine for me and my business. DSI went above and beyond what I expected."

    • "At DSI we value above all else Integrity and Honor. If you have not done so already contact us and we will assist you. Thank you."

      DSI Global Computer Services™ Since 2000

    "DSI Client Project 01"

    TOLL FREE 1-888-80-SOBER

    Sober Living USA
    24 Hour Help & Assistance

    Sober Living USA has commissioned DSI Global Computer Services™ to Design, Create and Publish the largest "Sober Living Network in America".

    People that are suffering from Alcohol Dependency and or Drug Substance Abuse can recieve Help & Assistance in 50 States, 3,000 Counties to include... All Cities, Towns and Communities throughout America.

    Sober Living USA is dedicated to "Anyone Reaching Out for Help" anywhere in America and will provide immediate Help & Assistance for you right now. Call right now to get the help you need 24 Hours Toll Free 1-888-80-SOBER.

    At Sober Living USA you can keep up to date with Sobriety in the News, Blog to Get Help or Blog to Help Others, attend AA, NA and 12 Step Online Open Meetings, read about Real Stories of People in Recovery, learn about local Clean & Sober Events in your area and a whole lot more.

    Sober Living USA is currently "Under Construction" and is online now for you review. Please take the time to visit

    If you need immediate Help and or Assistance with Alcohol Dependency and or Drug Substace Telephone Sober Living USA Toll Free 1-888-80-SOBER

    Sober Living USA is Sponsored by the Cleveland House

    The Cleveland House is a Sober Living Resort located in World Famous Hollywood Beach, Florida. Just a 100 Feet to the Ocean and "12 Steps to a New Way of Life". If you need help now call Toll Free 1-888-80-SOBER.

    "DSI Client Project 02"


    Attorney Erik Courtney
    "Helping People in Trouble"

    Attorney Erik Courtney in 1987 was recruited by State Attorney Janet Reno to work as an Assistant State Attorney in Miami-Dade County, Florida.

    Attorney Courtney went on to become Senior Prosecuting Attorney where Janet Reno was the first woman appointed as United States Attorney General.

    ATTENTION: Erik Courtney currently practices Criminal Defense Law since 1992 and handles Misdemeanors, Felony and Federal Court Cases. He has helped thousands of people in trouble in Miami, the State of Florida and throughout the United States.

    Criminal Defense Attorney Erik Courtney will provide you with a free no cost or obligation evaluation of your Criminal Court Case if you are in trouble. Call his law firm directly in Miami, Florida at (305) 324-0918 if you are in trouble now.

    Attorney Erik Courtney has commissioned DSI to perform a Network Upgrade consisting of 95 Websites. Visit "Free Speak to Lawyer" by Clicking Here

    Attorney Erik Courtney has Helped Thousands of People

    If you are in trouble in Miami, the State of Florida and throughout the United States. Take the time to watch this video. Then call (305) 324-0918 and speak to Attorney Erik Courtney now and his law firm will assist you.

    "Contact DSI 24 Hours"

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    Read about DSI Artificial Intelligence (AI)™ and More

    DSI Global Computer Services™™ provides 24 Hour Help and Assistance to answer any and all questions that you may have regarding Website Design and Technology.

    DSI operators have the training, skills and knowledge required to assist you correctly. Our staff is polite, courteous and knowledgeable.

    Please select one of the 5 (five) available options below.

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    Chat online with us if you need Help, Assistance or Free Advice regarding Website Design, Computer Information Technology or even Free Advice on "Generating Sales" for your business. Chat online with DSI right now!

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    DSI Global Website Media Design
    A Division of DSI Global Computer Services™

    "Free Website Consultation"

    Free Website Consultation

    Website Design, Marketing, Advertising and Administration

    WEBSITE DESIGN - Have a website that does not look the way you desire or what you intended? DSI custom created websites meets and exceed our clients expectations. Contact us now to request your Free Consultation.

    MARKETING & STRATEGY - Does you website have a firm, sound and effective business plan? DSI specializes in Internet Development and Strategy. Since 2000 we do it right. Request your Free Consultation today.

    ADVERTISING - Does your website aggressively target Social Networking,
    E-mail Campaigns, Search Engine Optimization, Promotional Advertising and more? DSI gets the job done right. Request your Free Consultation now.

    WEBSITE ADMINISTRATION - Who is going to manage, maintain and keep your website current and up to date? DSI Global Computer Services™™ provides full time and part time administrative services. Click the button below.

    "DSI Contact Form"

    DSI Contact Request Form


    You can Chat with us Right Now or fill out the "Mini Form" below to request a Free Consultation by telephone from DSI Global Computer Services™. Our staff will contact you in the order the request was received by us, thank you.
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    DSI Social Networking

    DSI Global Computer Services™ Since 2000

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    "DSI Christian Faith Based Organization"

    DSI is a Christian Faith Based Organization

    DSI Global Computer Services™ gives credit and all the glory to God having faith in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. To do God's will in our "Technological Endeavors".

    With humility we state the following. 

    "We are Knights of the Table of Internet Warriors. Having Faith in God, to do God's will. To practice the following principles in all our affairs".

    DSI provides Website Media Design Services and Technical Support Assistance based on "Christian Principles" founded on belief and faith in Jesus Christ.

    The majority of our clients are in business to help and assist others... Considered by us at DSI as to provide services based on a "Just and Nobel Quest".

    DSI Global Computer Services™
    Since 2000

    Jesus is Lord

    "Current DSI Projects"

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